Saturday, June 24, 2006

The weekend

Projection for record heat, but I plunge ahead.
1. Farmer's Market, yay.
2. Improv Class, yay!
3. "A Prairie Home Companion." and dinner with friends.

That's today. Tomorrow:
1. Visit a friend who was hit by a car yesterday while driving. T-boned. Both hips broken. Cracked ribs. Ruptured spleen. Lucky to be alive. And she asked the paramedics to take the cookies from her trunk to our AA meeting. They refused. They're moving her today which is why the visit will be tomorrow.
2. Go to a housewarming in Chatsworth, where record temps will make it more like a house-melting.
3. Laundry.

Feels like a really good weekend ahead!


karena said...

Jeez, I'm sorry about your friend. I love that she asked the sheriff to take the cookies to the AA meeting, I hate the fact that they refused. They coulda told her they would, even if they couldn't just to make her feel better. How does one deny such a simple request from a person in such need?

oldwhitelady said...

Your poor friend. Ouch. That reminds me I need to visit my friend (or at least call) who was in an auto accident.

DivaJood said...

Karena and OWL, thanks. I spoke to her today a couple of times; the first time she was so out of it, she didn't know we were on the phone. She told someone else that nobody'd been to see her all day -- but there was a steady stream in all day. Car is totalled. She was T-boned at high speed, it's a miracle she survived. Recovery will be a long haul. Paramedics couldn't bring the cookies to the meeting because they really had to attend to her and the other driver who hit her.

Suzanne said...

Good luck to your friend. I hope she gets as much of her health back. I was hit by a car 15 years ago, as I was crossing the street on foot. (One human body vs car : body doesn't have much chance...) I've been there. So I send her my best regards even if I don't know her. There is life after such an encounter, you just have to change your expectations toward your own body, and go on living, and there is some great living ahead for her. For sure. As for your weekend schedule, well, I'm into work at home (catching up so I can take a long weekend next week), and chores. So I envy your weekend LOL Have fun!

DivaJood said...

Suzanne, thank you. Saturday was great. Today is more chore-like. Laudry and going to this party are chores. Oh, well.