Monday, June 19, 2006

Self Portrait Marathon #10

Graphite wash on paper again, only much darker. 8B graphite wash pencil. Moody but not unhappy. Bolder.


Natalie said...

I especially like this one, DJ - such character and intensity. And it can be read either as negative or positive space. Simple means, complex result.

btw, I keep hearing about the 9/11 conspiracy film. Somewhere I think it was downloadable from one of the sites but I can't remember where. Considering the way Bush & Co are behaving in general, it's not hard to believe they bcould have hatched such an appalling plot.

DivaJood said...

Natalie, I think it is downloadable on google, but I'm worried about memory limits on my computer. So I will wait for the DVD, and if I can go tomorrow night, I will. If you go to their website, the evidence page alone will make you physically ill. All of it is plausible, too.

And thanks, on the drawing. As I drew it, I was focusing on the negative space.

lydia said...

Wow this is intense and just fantastic. So glad I found you. Thanks for Baron tip - phenomenal. Also big yes to Pema Chodron (on your profile) She's the coolest.

Sigrid Jardin said...

Wow, I'd say "broody" and moody too. Very nice portrait, and thanks for urging me to join the fun. I just posted a kind of stiff first self-portrait, but there will be more!

robin andrea said...

I am absolutely amazed at your creative spark and energy. Fantastic and expressive.

DivaJood said...

Lydia, yes, I think you'll love Hannelore Baron. She was an amazing artist, with quite a history. I used to work at a gallery who represented her before she died. I love her work.

Sigrid, first self-portraits are usually quite stiff and self conscious, but not to worry -- you'll get into it. It is great fun, really, and look at all the cool people who have jumped in.

Robin Andrea, thanks. Truly, I've become quite energized since I started blogging. The more I look at other blogs, the more energy I am getting. It's an interesting phenomena.

Tina said...

Wow Diva, I wish I had that kind of talent. Alas, I am relegated to having an extreme "crayon on coloring book" kind of artistic talent... sigh... sometimes showcased with a glitter on Elmer's glue flair. Feh, such is the life of a pre-school teacher and mom, eh?

By the way, thanks for the hat tip on the Loose Change 2nd Edition post. I hope that you spread the message far and wide, and yes, I too fear for the safety of the 3 guys who made the film.
Here's a great short film about the "plane into the Pentagon" (if ya believe that version of the events) that came out before Loose Change. But it is worth a look-see,

This film is what convinced my already teetering on the fence Vietnam Vet Marine dad that watching Loose Change could explain sooo many of his questions.

I had to space between the word "org" and the "/" in front of memoryhole in that link since your comment box cut the entire link off. If I could ever properly put in embedded links in the comment box, this might not be a problem, but we'll add that skill to my list of non-talents, too.

DivaJood said...

Tina, nobody can put embedded links in comment boxes in blogger, I don't think. I've tried, but it always eats them. But I'd seen this short video maybe last year? I forget -- the one you just mention about the missing plane and the Pentagon. What was startling to me was that it was the first time I realized I was not the only person around who had great discomfort about what really happened. (Can you say understatement?)

As for the crayon talent, having raised two kids to adulthood (and I actually survived) I now have the pleasure of a grandbaby. SO I am sharpening my own crayon skills, although Ellie Bean is far from there. She still things crayons are good to eat.

glenda said...

Hi. I do graphics for aliving. I like the freedom of the line quality!
Nice blog.

DivaJood said...

thanks Glenda!

Helen Wheels said...

That's very cool. I like that one a lot.

DivaJood said...

Thanks Helen Wheels