Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is SO reassuring

I don't know how I MISSED this: Condi Rice was among the millions who watched the American Idol finale — and her man won.

That just makes me feel so safe. I mean, who cares about Haditha, or econonmic growth, or even pulling out of Iraq? Amazing.


Crabbi said...

I refuse to watch that dreck, but I'm sorry to say I know the name of the winner -- Taylor Something. I read that his songs are about "family values." People seem to love that crap -- probably why he won.

Sue Woo said...

I've never watched that show not once. Was Condi wearing her Ferragamos while viewing, ya think?

DivaJood said...

Oh, crabbi, the winner of American Idol got more votes than any Presidential Candidate, ever! So much for "family values."

sue, I bet Condi WAS dressed to the nines, Ferragamos and all. Blech.