Saturday, October 07, 2006

ABC screws Hastert again

While Republicans hoped that "Give 'em hell" Denny's "Buck Stops Here" speech would end their slide into disaster, several newspapers published reports that corraborate that pesky ABC News story indicating that Hastert's office new about Mark Foley's "overly friendly" emails at least three years ago. And wouldn't you know it? Newsweek just ran a poll that shows that for the first time since 2001, people trust Democrats more than Republicans on moral issues.

Meanwhile, Hastert, seen here dressed in his best suit, was crushed by all the Republican candidates who'd cancelled appearances with him. His staff assured him that it has nothing to do with the outfit.


pekka said...

Beefcake, if there ever was one!!!

I don't quite share your unadulterated delight about Democrats being more trusted than pugs since 2001. What on god's green earth took this long, is upper most in my mind?

robin andrea said...

We've just got to keep this anti-rethug momentum for 29 more days. Then, we can rejoice and dance in the streets.

karena said...

How did Fat Bastard Hastert get into my closet? Those are my best socks, so he obviously rummaged through my hamper too.

Pekka, I hear what you're saying, but since the Republicans successfully hijacked "morals" and "values" under Gingrich, the hypocrite, and consistently garner the "family values voters," and the Democrats get so little air time in the MSM, I think it is good that polls show Dems more trusted than Republicans on "moral" issues. We don't have mega-churches and bully preachers getting out the message, so this is pretty significant.

DivaJood said...

Pekka, it was Newsweek, I'm simply reporting. And really, the rank and file GOP has closed ranks and now support Mr. Hastert. Clearly it's his wardrobe that got them to support him again.

Robin Andrea, I've got to go vote absentee - thanks for reminding me!

Karena, really - I'm upset that he has my hat.

Lulu Maude said...

Diva, I've really lost faith in absentee ballots after reading Greg Palast's book, Armed Madhouse. You might want to reconsider that form of voting.

Great picture. Gotta stand in awe of those knees.

DivaJood said...

Lulu Maude, I have no choice - I will be in Bhutan on Election Day.