Monday, October 23, 2006

As subtle as a sledgehammer

The Republicans have no class. Trailing in polls, party runs TV ad starring bin Laden. Not the first time terror threat used in bid to sway vote.

"They will not come to their senses unless the attacks fall on their heads and ... until the battle has moved inside America," bin Laden says, according to the script, lifted from a 2001 interview he gave to Al Jazeera.

The final frame appears to show a nuclear attack.

"These are the stakes," says the accompanying graphic.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm more afraid of the proprietary software in the Diebold machines; I'm more afraid of my vote not counting, or not being counted at all; I'm more afraid of the Republicans stealing votes then I am of Osama bin Laden, who is probably dead anyway.

And, just to prove Sean Hannity to be the idiot he is, Democrats should get up off their asses and vote! Vote in record numbers. Vote early in states where it is allowed, or if you are traveling. Vote.


robin andrea said...

The Republicans have nothing else but fear. They can't run on their record. They have not accomplished anything they can be proud of. Imagine running an ad that says, "We're the Rethugs, we approve torture, the destruction of the environment, and making the rich richer." The Democrats should just replay the stupid Prez saying over and over, I just don't worry about bin Laden.

karena said...

They think they can sew this thing up with Diebold so they use the most disgusting ads to get out the fear vote. In order for the Diebold scam to work, they have to have a cover for he enormous skews in the post-vote polls and the numbers they come up with.

In 2004, when the post-vote polls put kerry in the lead, Hannity got on the radio and begged his listeners to get off the couch and vote because Bush was losing.

When Bush was Diebolded as King, Karl Rove made a rare television appearance and said the Christian Right voted in droves to stop Gay marriage.

This year, they don't have that excuse to explain the phenomenon of polls not matching counts. They need a new one. They are going to claim that the great economy and America's faith in the Republican's ability to defeat the terrists are what gave them the votes. The ads they run are there for one reason only, to shore up their excuse for the Diebold rigging when they are so clearly going to lose in reality.

pekka said...

The stated objective for these neo-con crusaders is to bring democracy any where in the world to those who don't have it. The gas prices being as high as they are, wouldn't it make sense to cut back senslessly driving around the world and do that democracy thing right at home?

Tina said...

I think people ARE Republicans (and certainly wingnut Religious Frighters) out of an absolute love of fear.
Think about it:
The GOP is openly racist, sexist, anti-middle class/ poor, and anti-every other religion except their own brand of twisted Christianity.
Why? Their fear of different races and religions, of women being empowered and in control of their bodies (and dare I even say it?? * GASP* who a woman has sex with!!!) allows them to justify their hatred and inequality.
I truly believe they want to return America to the days of the sharecroppers. That way, they can continue to point their fingers at the huge masses that are barely hanging on by a bare thread and say to them: Look, either you accept this scrap I'm throwing at you on my terms, or you can go to hell. Either way, I'll sleep fat and happy tonight b/c I got mine and screw you if you and your's didn't.
FEAR. It is what motivates their entire party and their sick, sick, sick, ideology.

Frederick said...

0o0o0o, give me the camera, I'd have an add for the Democrats, starts with Bin Laden saying something, and Bush finishing his sentance...over and over.

Yoga Korunta said...

This blogger will vote absentee. Failure to stand against tasteless brutality and agression is barbaric.

glenda said...

Fear has always worked but some seem to be catching on to the hyposcrisy and manipulation involved...have a feeling the coming elections are going to be a turning point in the insanity.

sumo said...

They are gooing to cheat...they know they cannot win without it.

DivaJood said...

Robin, you're right. If they ran on their record, they'd be in prison.

Karena, I saw "Man of the Year", Robin William's new movie. It's not a good movie, (it's awful, actually) but at the core is the voting machines used. In that film, they elect Williams because of a "glich", which the evil company heads cover up. SO here's a mainstream movie suggesting trouble with the voting machines.

Pekka, you would think so, really.

Tina, I can't become a sharecropper. I sunburn too easily. Can I at least be a scullary maid?

Fred, you are on! Don't forget the closeup.

Glenda, I hope you are right, really. Franklin D. Roosevelt was right: the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. How sad that it is manufactured by our current president.

Sumo, of course they are going to cheat. But how much?

karena said...

How much will they cheat? I think just enough to keep the specific seats they need. I think George Allen and Sherwood are a couple. Oh, and they may hang on to Santorum. I suggested on my blog that we prepare to protest even if they cheat in districts and states that are not where we live. We need a national protest even though the cheating is on the local level.

Robin Williams director, what's his name, of Man of the Year, said on television that he thought Diebold would steal in 2006 and get away with it but that the public would be aware and it would be cleaned up by 2008. I say let's clean it up now.

sumo said...

I agree about the machines and their cheating us for a 3rd time scarier than OBL.