Monday, October 30, 2006

Hollywood March for Peace Oct. 28 - random images

I confess, we left before the end of the march. It was slated to begin at noon, and it started a little after 1 PM. Alicia had a gig in Ojai Saturday night, and I had to catch up with some other friends at about 4 PM, so we only marched for about half the route. Which means we didn't get to the CNN building, where there were about 5000 people gathered to listen to Cindy Sheehan, Ron Kovic, Arun Ghandi, and several others. We were not the only ones to leave early, but I still feel a tiny bit guilty. As part of the Code Pink women, we gathered signatures for the Give Peace a Chance petition, which you can also sign by clicking on the link.

It was an interesting mix. And it was a reminder to me about how scattered the left and liberal factions are. The focus of this march and rally was to get us out of Iraq now, to show clearly how this administration lied, lies and lies. But there were the militant Vegetarians who, megaphone in hand, told people that if you eat meat, you are supporting the war in Iraq. "Ghandi was a vegetarian" they said. Well, so was Hitler. Get your own damn march, and focus on what's important.

And there were the anti-Israel people. Posters said "US/Israel out of the Middle East." I tried to avoid standing anywhere near them. The current government of Israel is a pawn to Bushco; no doubt. But I no more want to see the destruction of Israel than I do the destruction of the USA. I do want to see our current administration impeached and imprisoned; and I want to see the same in Israel. But this march was about Iraq, about OUR nation's crimes.

Then there were the Topanga Canyon people. One guy was really cute, and we just chatted away over the Loose Change DVDs, how bizarre was that? But when the march actually began, their guy in charge kept telling our little group that we weren't marching correctly, we weren't in the right order, or something like that. So strange.

I got a bumper sticker for my car: War is over, if you want it. Peace.


pissed off patricia said...

The saddest part is this is the first time I even heard of the march. Didn't even know it happened. Good for you for going! I love that "wanted" poster.

Frederick said...

Ya, MSM doesn't like covering this kind of stuff. That's why it is not only our duty to participate, but to report as well. Great Job!

robin andrea said...

I wish a peace march would just be a peace march, and not get sidetracked or hijacked by other stuff. It's what has kept me out of the ranks in the streets for a long time. I remember when John & Yoko took out the full-page ad in the NYT that said War Is Over If You Want It. The simplest, most precise message. I would love one of the bumperstickers. I'll go look for it online. Thanks for being there in the streets, divajood.

Peacechick Mary said...

Oh yes - the war is over. We want it! I thought of you marching along there. Great good work!

The Fat Lady Sings said...

This was not covered at all. I spent much of Saturday stuck in bed because of my back - so I had the TV on as background noise. Not a mention, not a photograph - nothing. Why are the media complicit in this war? Is it because George Bush said they could ride along and feel like soldiers? Talk to the journalists covering Vietnam. They imbedded themselves - many dying in the process. Same goes for Korea and WWII. Yet the only pictures I see are from those who attended. Wow. Where has America gone?

DivaJood said...

POP, I heard about it from three different sources: Code Pink's email to me; PDLA (Progressive Democrats of LA); and one other source, which I don't remember.

Frederick, you're right. Reporting on it is as important as showing up.

Robin Andrea, yep. Me too. I really don't need somebody who is a vegetarian telling me that I'm the cause of the Iraq War. I'm just saying.

PCMary, I'm glad I went. I wish it could have started on time, but I'm still glad I went. I am a Diva after all.

TFLS, there was a live webcast on Saturday, which is why I put the link in my original post about it. But still, the evening news did barely a mention.

My friend, who volunteers at the VA in Long Beach, says that the government doesn't want us to know about the wounded soldiers who come home; they are even more secretive about the wounded then they are about the dead.

pekka said...

Paraphrasing an ancient Greek poet, Homer: "DOH"!!! Looks of it, the noble peace parade turned into the farsical freak show. Pitty!

Anonymous said...

It was an interesting mix. And it was a reminder to me about how scattered the left and liberal factions are.

We have the same problem here in Babylong by the Bay. Every peace rally draws a bunch of groups and causes--very little agreement or common cause.

Tina said...

I LOVE the pix of Bush w/the dollar sign necklace and ax. Perfect. I may just nab that and print it out and put it on my fridge.
And I couldn't more w/you on the anti-Israel crowd being ridiculous about wanting Israel destroyed makes about as much sense as wanting America destroyed. If these folks were truly about peace and peaceful solutions, the destruction of ANY nation could never, ever be an option let alone a solution.

sumo said...

At least you tried. Too bad it was late because you could have seen the guest speakers and I'm sure that would have been great. And photos too. What we are all doing on our blogs helps too.

sushil yadav said...

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Frederick said...



Comandante Agí said...

I went to the one in downtown LA last year. These events seem to draw all the fringe groups out of the woodwork. It was supposed to be an Iraq War protest rally, but ANSWER was there with banners reading "US out of Palestine and Phillipines". Umm, ok. We don't have troops in Palestine...and the Phillipines -- WTF? Then some an angry Palestinian man spoke about the Israeli occupation and received several boos. The Socialist Worker tried recruiting me and the Communist Party was there too -- these groups just give a bad name to the anti-war cause if you ask me.