Monday, July 31, 2006

I Have No Government. I'm A Disenfranchised American.

I urge you to read This post by Linda Milazzo at Winograd Watchdog. She writes In the current debacle between Israel and Hezbollah, with the mounting deaths of Lebanese children, it is unconscionable for Israel to justify murdering these children by labeling them embeds of Hezbollah. I agree. Every day this disaster continues, I feel my heart break.

Ms. Milazzo also writes: Sadly, this badge of inhumanity isn't only worn by Israel who slays the children of Lebanon. Or by the Hezbollah who slay the children of Israel. It is worn by the Sudanese, who willingly decimate the children of Darfur. It is worn by the Congolese soldiers who savage the children of Congo. It was worn a dozen years earlier in Rwanda, when willing Hutus murdered hundreds of thousands of Tutsi children in a span of 100 days. The same badge of inhumanity was worn in Bosnia by the Serbs who murdered Muslim children, by the Turks who murdered Armenian children, by the Nazis who murdered Jewish children, and on and on and on.

Throughout the history of un-civilization, the badge of inhumanity has been worn by one genocidal ideology after another.

Shamefully, this very same badge of inhumanity is also worn by the United States, where I live. Where the Government's decision to willingly overtake the nation of Iraq has triggered the murders of tens of thousands of children. And where the ideological refusal to support a ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel willingly adds to the murders of Lebanese and Israeli children each and every day.

The right wing says "America, love it or leave it." Ms. Milazzo writes America, leave it or SEIZE IT. Humanity, know it and show it. Save the children!! Save the children!! Save the children!!

In Lebanon. In Israel. In Iraq. In sub-Saharan Africa. In Aceh, Indonesia. In Haiti. In the Dominican Republic. In South and Central America. In North America.

Please read the entire post.


glenda said...

Thanks, divajood. I hope you have stopped by to see your post over at the peace train. If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact, he's the webmaster.

glenda said...

p.s. This is hard on so many of us. My heart is with you on this.

Tina said...

Amen Linda Milazzo, and amen Diva! While putting together my post about Qana last night, I kept perusing thru the comments left by the Ha'aretz readers, and so many of them were devastated by this latest massacre. They felt ashamed of Israel, ashamed of America, and ashamed of the people who saw nothing wrong with this. I feel such shame, too b/c as an American, we are completely complicit in this. Of course, there were plenty of foaming at the mouth idiots from both sides screaming: "Let's kill more of 'em! Better get 'em young before they grow up to hate us!" and "Death to all Jews! We will kill your children now!"

And when I see that Israeli "PR guy" (I can't remember his official govt position) named Gillerman saying things like this on TV, I just want to kick him in the nads: Israel is not responsible for the deaths in Qana. Hezbollah is. We don't even know what Hezbollah did to those people to get them into that basement."

Have you heard about the GIYUS Org? I visited their site last night... whoa.
You should go check them out if you want to see how far some are willing to go to slant things in their favor... it sounds like our Fox News and Diebold wrapped up into one:

"Israel plans to get 100 000 "PR agents" to change the outcome of polls and debates on-line. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks people to download a "megaphone software" (, or watch alerts on-line, telling them about new votes and debates. This genius propaganda idea can be used by the opposite side as well."

In a nutshell: It gives point by point what to say when someone says something critical of Israel/US involvment in US, and provides up to the minute "alerts" to people so that they can freep any polls to make it look the way they want. Perhaps that is why the US media keeps saying that 80% of all Israeli polls say that this war in Lebanon is good and justified?.... And the sheeeple guzzle down the Kool-Aid... sigh...

DivaJood said...

Hi Glenda, yes I saw my post at the Peace Train, and felt sort of humbled by it. Still have log in trouble, so thank you for the webmaster's email. I've sent my troubles off to dude, and will see what to do next.

Tina, the thing about hiring PR agents to spin a war is a clear indicator that the war is WRONG WRONG WRONG. I'm at work, so I can't get into the link you've provided til later, but I'm sure that it is owned by Fox News.

karena said...


I left you a response at Tina's but what is interesting is that we are thinking the about the same things (Tina and I often do too) at the same time.

I must admit to you, most of my life went by without paying attention of what is going on in other parts of the world. Oh, I spent plenty of time, and still do, outraged by the genocide of American Indians and their current situation and the shame of slavery and the current attitudes so many in our country have towards black people today. You and I have talked about this because I told you I felt shame and you said I shouldn't be ashamed of things I didn't do. I guess the shame I have is towards our species. Don't get me wrong, it is not a shame I need psychiatric treatment for, it is shame I carry to remind me to always be aware of the way I treat others. I also made a committment several years ago to be more aware of what is going on in the world outside of the U.S. I remember going to a Natalie Merchant concert during the Bosnia situation and she gave a long speech and I had this disgusting Laura Ingraham attitude of "Oh, Shut Up and Sing." It just took growing up a little bit to learn that not only do I have a duty to be aware and to constantly learn, but also to speak up and speak out when I see or hear things that are inhumane or wrong. Why do so many human beings have so much hatred and rage against other human beings?

Our Government's decision to go into Iraq and to kill our children and their's is so, so wrong. Now Shrubya is itching to bomb Syria and Iran. It is so frightening.

DivaJood said...

Karena, you know that shame I told you not to embrace? Guess what? I was wrong. I am ashamed of my own government; I am ashamed of the Israeli government. I am ashamed of the depths to which human beings can sink. However, the good news is that this has awakened a lot of people, and I believe we will take back America and restore sanity.

karena said...

I am a huge cynic, but I do believe you are right in this case. While Faux News is actually making up news, not just spinning it, the other stations are showing the world things that remind us of the fragility of our lives and our environment. This gives me a little hope.

Embracing the shame of what we do to one another keeps our humanity intact, whether we pull the trigger or just condone it. It is okay to do so, and it does not destroy the soul, it nourishes the soul. It improves the soul. As long as we can conduct ourselves in a shameless way and shed tears for those who cannot, hold prayers for their victims and spread the word of outrage towards those who cannot feel shame in killing, we can survive spiritually.

Tina said...

Diva: You are so absolutely correct about the PR spin in a war. When you have to have PR people sell the war and spin the facts, ya know it ain't what the military/govt claims it is.
And the saddest part of all is this: Israel has handed the already pissed off Arab/Muslim world the biggest gifts/ recruiting tools ever by killing innocents.

DivaJood said...

Karena, I agree completely. How we conduct ourselves is crucial. Ghandi said "be the change you want to see in the world." How true.

Tina, marketing has taken over everything. Bob Dylan's song, "Everything is broken" keeps coming to mind. However, if our job as human beings is to heal the world, we know where to start.

sumo said...

Thank you for the link to the post. She nailed it eloquently. There were several times in the past that I thought surely this will get something going about the administration and we could get rid of them. I just hope this time you are correct in thinking this may be their undoing...because that is a terrible disappointment to live with time after time after time.

DivaJood said...

Sumo, locally I am running into more and more Republicans who are switching parties because of this administration. They intend to vote in November. They intend to vote Democratic.