Friday, July 28, 2006

What does this solve?

Six shot, one fatally, at Seattle Jewish Federation office. The lone gunman, a Muslim, expressed anger toward Jews in a phone conversation with police. He was arrested immediately after the shootings, and his action is being treated as a hate crime. No kidding.

A Seattle Mosque was attacked after Sept. 11, 2001. The gunman in today's shooting is not a resident of Seattle. He identified himself as Muslim-American, and that he is angry with Israel.

I get it. Angry with Israel, go shoot up some American Jews in Seattle. That's going to bring an end to the war in Lebanon.

Do NOT, do not, do not tell me another word about the Zionist Pigs in Israel. Do not. I am a Zionist. I believe in the necessity of the State of Israel. I want to see broad reforms to their system of government that will lessen the stranglehold the military has on the country. I love Israel, and I love America so much that I am sick at heart, at core, at depth at how these bastards without heart have hijacked both countries. Responding with hatred solves nothing. It serves to divide those of us who should be supporting a strong peace effort. War will not right what is wrong. Suicide bombings will not right what is wrong. The destruction of Israel is not the solution. The murder of Lebanese civilians is not the solution. You will not change my opinion, I will not condemn an entire country - I will condemn the people in power, and them alone. But I remain a Zionist, and I remain an American.

I am proud of what America promises when we adhere to our Constitution, and when we are at our best. We've been so far off since the Great Orator, Ronnie Reagan, was President that I fear we'll never get back on track. Israel is still young - 58 years old. They need major overhaul to their system of government, and they need people who have the hearts of lions to stand up and say Peace.

The true warrior hates war. The true warrior will find a peaceful settlement. Self-righteous indignation and finger-pointing at this moment solves nothing.

But if you feel the need to tell me how wrong Israel is (bigger weapons, alleged banned weapons) and how you dislike Zionists, so be it. You need to be right. I need to hope for a restoration of sanity and semblance of civility. You can be right. Israel is bad. There. Happy now? Does it justify shooting up a Jewish Federation office in Seattle?


Tina said...

Does it justify it? NO. NOPE. NYET. NADA.
I did a post for Saturday about insanity and idiocy... this was one those acts that fell into both categories easily.
And when he goes to jail and has to spend the rest of his life in prison, I hope they give him a Jewish cellmate who refuses to hate him in return... kinda like that movie American X with Edward Norton, when he went into prison a NeoNazi skinhead and befriended a black prisoner and saw how evil his former thinking was.

robin andrea said...

I just read about these shootings this morning. It's shocking. I can not believe the world we are living in. It seems to worsen everyday.

pinkfem said...

exactly, violence doe not excuse more violence against innocents, no matter where they are...this is horrifying.

TDharma said...

right ON tina - yes, put him with his 'enemy' who refuses to hate him. it's all such madness...apparently the guy is suffering from mental illness -- i know, duh - right?

DivaJood said...

Tina, great idea - put him in a cell with someone who can treat him with kindness. American X was a great film. The greatest enemy of peace is ignorance and hate.

Robin Andrea, it does seem to worsen daily. Read the post about the suggested peaceful solutions presented by the IPCRI.

Pinkfem, right. Violence is wrong. Under any circumstances.

Tdharma, right. Ya think?

sumo said...

Is it ever too late? I hope it isn't...

glenda said...

All violence is wrong and these victims were innocent in the same way that the Lebanese civilians are innocent in the same way that Afghani women are innocent in the same get where I'm going....seems hat all war does is create new sets of victims. I hope they proesceute the man who did this with the full force of the Hate Crimes Law.

DivaJood said...

Sumo, it is never too late. Ever.

Glenda, exactly. But when we have governments who extoll hatred as a solution, it brings out the worst in people