Sunday, July 09, 2006

More on North Korea

Graham T. Allison, former Assistant Secretary of Defense under the Clinton Administration, sharply condemns Bush's North Korea Policy in an editorial in today's LA Times.

President Bush has called nuclear terror the defining threat the United States now faces. He's right, but he has yet to follow up his words with actions. Bush pledged to keep nuclear (or, in his mouth Nukular) weapons out of the hands of terrorists, yet has chosen to steadfastly ignore the development of nuclear weapons in North Korea. Allison writes:

In 2001, U.S. intelligence officials judged that in 1991, during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, North Korea secretly reprocessed spent fuel diverted from its Yongbyon research reactor to produce enough plutonium to make one or two nuclear bombs. Estimates now are that Pyongyang today has enough plutonium for eight to 13 bombs' worth of plutonium and a production line that is making two additional bombs' worth of plutonium every year.

Bush wastes precious resources waging an illegal war, on the pretext of WMDs in Iraq that just weren't there. He ignores a real threat to our security. What's wrong with this picture?


Helen Wheels said...

the shrub is in it - that's what's wrong with the picture! :)

Yeah. Talk about cognitive dissonance. Too weird.

DivaJood said...

helen, don't you love the missle going through the empty brain?

Have you got your duct tape yet? Me neither.