Sunday, July 09, 2006

Representative Peter Hoekstra upset with Bush

Today's NY Times reports about Hoekstra's May 18th letter to Bush condemning Bush for hiding some secret intelligence programs from Congress. Hoekstra has been an ally and supporter of Bush, including warrantless spying on phone calls. However, even Mr. Hoekstra seems to be developing a bit of a spine at this point:

"I have learned of some alleged intelligence community activities about which our committee has not been briefed," Mr. Hoekstra wrote. "If these allegations are true, they may represent a breach of responsibility by the administration, a violation of the law, and, just as importantly, a direct affront to me and the members of this committee who have so ardently supported efforts to collect information on our enemies."

He added: "The U.S. Congress simply should not have to play Twenty Questions to get the information that it deserves under our Constitution."

Our Constitution created a system of checks and balances which Bush has consistently ignored. From domestic spying to invading another country, and everything in between, he has acted illegally. Time for him to go.


karena said...

I am very impressed with Hoekstra, though I know nothing about him other than this.

DivaJood said...

karena, he's been very much an ally of Bush's. But maybe he's been struck with an attack of conscience. It's a start.

oldwhitelady said...

Can it be? Can the tide be turning? Will more of his supporters decide he's in the wrong? I sure hope so!

DivaJood said...

owl, we can hope, yes?