Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Birthday

Yes, it's true. The Cowardly Cowboy Of Crawfordsville was born July 6, 1946. I wonder what he's going to get for his birthday? Will Congress serve him with Articles of Impeachment? Not likely, since he's not been accused of screwing an intern. After all, sex with an intern is far more serious than destroying the US Economy, or lying to the nation to drag us into an illegal war, or condoning torture. No, Dubya will probably get a nice cake, and a few attaboys from his small circle of sycophants. Perhaps he'll get a war with Iran, served up cold.

I would like to serve him his walking papers and a trip to a cell in Gitmo, but I apparently don't have a say in the matter.


Randal Graves said...

I knew there were some monumentally important birthdays this week of famous people, but I didn't realize that there is also one for someone so INfamous.

I hope he has as good a birthday as the most miserable 1% of Iraqi citizens.

an average patriot said...

Bush will get away with destroying America and the world. I am sure besides Rove he will give Presidential pardons to the rest of the treasonous scum. I wish they would give him a lead anchor with his name on it and throw him in over his head. I haven't heard a thing about it and I hope the Bastard is not recognized. Today is the Dalia's Birthday and that should be celebrated but will not be!

FranIAm said...

He can't go away fast enough!!!

Jewgirl said...

You give vulva lip twitching political snark, my sweet.

I didn't know today was dickface's birthday. What a buzz kill.

His gift to us all would be a stint at abu graib with every democrat taking a whack at the gun toting, freedom of speech killing, war mongering assface bastard that is WHOREHAY BUSH.

d. chedwick said...

eeew. it's his birthday. and it didn't pass by without my knowing about it. thanx.

seriously--great post

Stella said...

I refuse to dignify this miserable day with any clever comments.

Anonymous said...

but I didn't realize that there is also one for someone so INfamous.

Bush and Frida Kahlo...on the same day! There is not justice in this world.

DivaJood said...

1946 - George W. Bush
1946 - Sylvester Stallone
1935 - Dalai Lama
1927 - Janet Leigh
1923 - Nancy Reagan

How the Dalai Lama and Frida Kahlo wound up with this group beats me.

Fran said...

Darn! I wished I would have known, I've been wanting to give him & his sidekick Cheney that one way ticket to Mars.

I still can't believe none of the Kings men (except for Scooter LIbby & Tom Delay), have served jail time. I do believe in Karma though, so I have to think there will be a special place in hell for them.

Fran said...

By the way- I love your Bert & Ernie terrorism chart on the right. How 'bout that Bert Alert level, which includes "Everything Else".... they have their asses covered now!

Blueberry said...

I hope he ate cake 'til he puked all over it, snuffing out the candles, and got it filmed for Youtube. That's my belated wish.

robin andrea said...

I saw the title of this post on my rss feed, and I thought it was your birthday. I almost choked when I saw that imbecile's face on your blog. What a horror. I can't believe that schmuck is still walking free. As Paul Krugman says this morning, "clueless to the end."

Rain said...

Good post on a terrible man. He has now decided the success of his (using the term loosely very loosely) strategies can't be determined for 50 years; so he has no way to be blamed or blame himself. How lovely. Maybe we should calculate the success of all our own choices that way-- 50 years when we won't be around, we will know eating a pound of fudge in one sitting was really a good idea.

Dianne said...

In one of my favorite dreams a huge police van pulls up to the White House and they empty the place.

and for once the press covers it correctly.

the Ultimate Walk of Shame

I wish for him all that he deserves.

DivaJood said...

Randal, I am sorry I spoiled the day - but I could not pass it up.

Jim, now that would be a practical use of an anchor - avast, matey, I've got a lot of ballast to heave overboard.

FranIAm, it should have happened years ago, but I guess he forgot to diddle an intern. Or get caught.

Jewgirl, I think that Liberals and Democrats would age, waiting to take a crack at his sorry ass.

D. Chedwick, my goal is to keep everyone at the same level of disgust as me.

Stella, you are so above the fray here, I am in awe.

Kvatch, unbelievable, really, that anyone could have birthed his sorry ass and not flushed him down the toilet.

Fran, oh, yes, let's put them on Virgin Galactic right NOW. I bet then Ernie & Bert would go down to the blue/green level of terror. Ism.

Blueberry, sorta like his daddy puked when he was in Japan?

Robin, I apologize for scaring you like that.

Rain, I think his idea is the Alzheimer's view of history - he's hoping the world will forget.

Dianne, the Ultimate Walk of Shame - has a better ring to it than the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And little turd blossoms with the names of Bush and all his cronies along the route.