Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Really Shameless Self-Promotion

I've been quoted in Travel Agent on an article about Australia's Northern Territory!

Diva Jood of ______, CA-based Travel Agency, has been to the Northern Territory several times. “Whenever I leave the Northern Territory I weep like a baby,” she says. “It’s my spiritual home.”

If she had a client visiting the Northern Territory in search of an authentic experience, and cost wasn’t a factor, she’d begin with an outback camping trip led by experienced guides. She’d then book them into a stay at Bamurru Plains. Heading into the Central Plains, she’s a fan of Longitude 131°, a high-end property from Voyages Hotels & Resorts. South of Alice Springs, her clients would stay at Gunya Titjikala, an exclusive indigenous luxury tented camp resort within the traditional desert community of Titjikala. She’d wrap up her clients’ Northern Territory journey with a booking at Bullo River Station.
They got the order wrong, but still. I like to do a combination of Bamurru Plains with Bullo River - I like to send people camping with my friend Mike Keighley. But it's nice to be quoted.


FranIAm said...

How cool is that!!! And what a great place to have visited.

You know one of the reasons that I am broke is because I traveled a lot, even when I could afford it.

While I have other regrets over money now that I am about to literally run out of it, I never regret my travels.

Is that bad?

Anyway, one day when I have it again I will be calling you to hook me up on a great trip.

Against any wisdom, my husband insisted we come to CA this summer. I am only against it due to financial worry.

I will email you. I have not brought it up as I am in denial and our time is sort of prebooked into a lot.

DivaJood said...

FranIAm, travel is soul-enriching, and one should never feel bad about it. And oh, if you are going to be in California, we will most assuredly get together. I know I have two things pre-booked but will be a bit flexible to suit you and your hubby's schedule.

Utah Savage said...

Diva, lovely post, lovely notice. my mother went on her Australian safari, which she'd always wanted to do, when she was in her sixties. She went alone, and had the time of her life. She loved a place called something like Alice Springs.

I had an Australian lover who was a racist, chauvinistic, pompous prick, but he had him some polo ponies, and I loves me some polo ponies. I spent a year learning to play polo. Spent the winter with daily hour to two hour rides. And the early Spring conditioning--long cantors along a river parkway. If he hadn't been such an ass, I might still be playing a gentler form of polo. I was a horsewoman who could never afford a horse, but never needed to--my best friend never traveled anywhere with out a trailer and at least a couple of horses. Sorry off on a tangent. The old are sometimes so easily distracted.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Congratulations on being recognized.

Suzy said...

Hello. Thanks for visiting my humble home in Blogland, and book another trip there soon, OK?

I used to love to travel, but as I got older -- and I think since I had kids -- travel lost some of its appeal. It makes me sad, because in a way, I have grown fearful -- I don't really know of what.

I would love to click my heels together three times and be in Australia, or in NZ where I have some friends living.

Alice Springs ... I loved reading "A Town Like Alice".
Oh well, until next time.

Randal Graves said...

You are a travel goddess. If I ever leave Ohio, you can be my agent!

Dusty said...

Freaking awesome Diva! Your the go-to woman on all things Australian afterall. ;)

DivaJood said...

Utah, I always have a good time in Australia. And yes, many Australian men are a bit like Texans in the early 1950s. But many others aren't, and they do know how to have a good time. I love Australia, I really do. And your polo-playing sounds quite fun.

DCup, I think it's my hair. Everyone recognizes my hair. Or maybe my raspy voice.

Suzy, I think our current administration is what makes people afraid to travel. We are constantly bombarded with messages of fear, and how different the rest of the world is, how dangerous it is. Yet this is so far from the truth, it's mind-boggling. Get your feet wet, visit Canada - it's close, but still reasonably different. I mean, Canadians are so polite!

Randal, when I am President Diva, you and Mrs. Randal will fly on Air Force One to Paris, as payment for managing my campaign.

Dusty, I like being "da woman." It sounds almost powerful.