Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday Granddaughter Blogging: Happy Independence Day

"Our country is not the only thing to which we owe our allegiance. It is also owed to justice and to humanity. Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong." – James Bryce

So but you can pracite pactice holiday safety like this you can wear a hat and sunscreen and you can drink lotsa water so you don dewaterate and you can eat one hotdog stead of six so you don getta tummy ache. And when you talk on your cell phone you can use a blue tooth my teeth are white but you shud drive hands free with your cell phone I mean hands on the steering wheel. I have a Barbi Big Wheel and I can ride it all the time.

And my gramma read Pagan Sphinx today who said everybody shud read THIS post by Forks Off The Moment which tells us all to DO something. Which we try to do. I mean, how can we be really free when we allow the bad prezilnet to lie and cheat and torture and act like a dicktater?

Happy Independence Day. Maybe we will be independent of that bad Prezilnut Bush soon.


Dianne said...

very good post kid! and I love your happy photo

tell gramma that Dianne said thanks for the visit and the mention

gramma is pretty cool isn't she!

Dusty said...

Gramma is the coolest and I heart her too. ;)

There are now 199 days to the end of BushCo..Praise Buddha!

an average patriot said...

Justice and Humanity so true! I will refrain on commenting on that because it is our Birthday and seeing your cute Granddaughter makes even my day. I hope you are with her and having a nice 4th of July!

Blueberry said...

I've posted some positive Americana for you!

I'm still working on my cynical negative Americana post, but of course that one won't be for you.

Jesse Helms died today, and it is Barack Obama's daughter's birthday. All irrelevant, I know. Happy 4th everybody.

D.K. Raed said...

I luv prezilnuts with my dicktaters, followed by lotza wadder so I don dewaterate. Honestly, Diva, your granddaughter is so cute, she's a perfect antidote for whatever ails 'ya!

Coffee Messiah said...

She's growing up so fast!

Oh, I finally followed through! ; )

FranIAm said...

Beautiful grandchild,
Beautiful post,
Beautiful grandmother!

Thank you.

Randal Graves said...

Just don't tell her that McCain might be replacing Chimpy!

Utah Savage said...

Dive, I have been out of action for a couple of days, and am reading down and back to catch up. You are a mighty fine blogger. And like Randal, I think you should protect her for the news that things could get worse.

an average patriot said...

Your granddaughter is beautifully happy as should be. Just let her enjoy her childhood and be there to teach and enjoy her and help as needed. Take care!

DivaJood said...

Dianne, you had a great post there. Thank Pagan Sphinx!

Dusty, the end cannot come soon enough.

Jim, I'm not in Chicago, which is why I am homesick.

Blueberry, vintage Harry Carey. Thank you! Oh, and I thought Jesse Helms died years ago - only someone forgot to tell the SOB.

DK, she's a pistol, that's for sure. And a very happy child.

Coffee, not only is she growing up, she actually asks for coffee. She doesn't GET it, but she asks.

FranIAm, thank you, thank you.

Randal, you just scared me. The THOUGHT of McCain puts me off my balance.

Utah, I hope your headache is gone at last!

Thanks, Jim.