Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

photo source: DZN Press

My gramma Diva Jood is running for Prezilnut and her major ape-onet even gave her free publicity so gramma wantsta no if Dr. Zaius is wanting a debate? I don't no what is a debate but I like cookies and strawberries. Mya strawberries, peese? And but gramma Diva is working hard for peeples who don want go to war an sez: It should be MANDATORY that all sons and DAUGHTERS of our REPUBLICAN, CHICKEN-HAWK, NEO-CONSERVATIVE, WAR-MONGERING elected officials be drafted and go serve in the military and fight and blow things up. You know, the ones who really WANT war, not us.

mya more strawberries, peese?


Dean Wormer said...

Damned straight.

DivaJood said...

Dean Wormer, are you joining my campaign?

Anonymous said...

Hey, c'mon DJ. The tyke wants her some strawberries. I know you're running for President but you have got to get your priorities straight. The gramma job comes first.

Anonymous said...

Love that graphic!

okjimm said...

Yessirree Bob! A new Prezidintial Program..... No Strawberry Left Behind!!!

Wowsers! Have we gotza right candidate or WHAT!

susan said...

Great picture. I think we need her in the campaign to remind those who may have forgotten that our most important objective is to make sure all the children in the world have loving grammas and strawberries.

DivaJood said...

Spartz, when I go back to Chicago, my daughter has to go out of town on a business trip. Guess who gets to stay with Beanie for that week! Yes, I do. My priorities are correct.

Dcup, Dr. Zaius made that graphic, and I stole it, shamelessly. We are opponents for President, after all.

Okjimm, I agree. No Strawberry Left Behind is a much better program than No Child Left Behind, as it does not involve testing of any kind. And it covers Raspberries and Blueberries, as well.

Susan, Beanie is the official Secretary of Strawberries.

Randal Graves said...

Organic strawberries! I'm glad it covers other berries as well. This is exactly the kind of leadership America wants and will receive.

DivaJood said...

Randal, I am all for organic foodstuff. And chocolate.

Bradda said...

It sounds like she wants to be Undersecratary of the Fence!

DivaJood said...

Bradda, who, Beanie? She's too busy playing to have a government job.

an average patriot said...

All right! Forgot it was Friday. Love to see Beanie! strawberries and cookie sound like da bait to me. you did say bait right? Just kidding take care Diva!

Bradda said...

Don't get too cozy with Dr. Z Diva! He comes across as snuggly and cute but we you least expect it...BAM...he goes and does something even nicer!

DivaJood said...

Patriot, this is a serious campaign. Seriously. We are quite serious here.

Bradda, Dr. Z is my opponent, but he did snap that secret photo of me with Beanie, which I stole from his blog - showing us cuddling on the White House lawn. Beanie and me, not Dr. Z and me. Geeze. So, I'm simply watching his actions.

okjimm said...

Dear Ms. Prezidint.....(get used to it, you're gonna win)

Please give my love to the new Secretary of Strawberries.

Have a good weekend.


Stella said...

President Diva Jood. Beautiful grandaughter speaks beautiful LOL i can haz cheezburger. I propose, Madame President, that we make this our national language.

That picture is wonderful. Need a campaign manager? And, happy Friday.

Stella said...

Oh, pardon me. Randal got the job already. To be perfectly honest, he's a better choice...

FranIAm said...

Outstanding! Loving the look!!!

Agi said...

I'm really digging that photo.

Anita said...

i'd offer to be your finance manager but since i haven't filed my taxes in two years and just found out i owe a gazillion and one dollars, that might not be such a good idea.

nonetheless, as a ne'er do well consultant (not on payroll), let me just say this: More Grandbaby Photo-Ops!! Wow them with Cute!!

Dianne said...

Word to the Beanie!

love the image

Fran said...

Love the platform!

But-- you missed out addressing the FDIC--
Institutes of

Bankruptcies for everyone..... no wait, that's the Bush plan.

I suggest we come up with an alternate program.... because the FDIC is goin' dowwwwwn.

May I propose the CHOW plan?

Have to pay what is
Owed to

No more Enron cooked book scandals where the CEO walks away with billions & the chump worker bees take it in the shorts. Chow baby!

I also propose the FBR
Bureau of

We could save ourselves the agony by screening & gleaning the truly ridiculious stuff out. Maybe make it a revenue source by selling it as material for comedians.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen the list of White House staff and their salaries?

Hilarious! Not because of the amount of tax dollars paying them, but because there are people who are clearly not doing their jobs. Ethics advisers and fact checkers, for example.

Diva - how much WH staff will you need? It's something to consider.

Randal Graves said...

stella, it's the monocle. Without it, I'm just a hesher.

C'mon, dcup, they're most certainly advising Chimpy on ethics and facts. "Sir, don't use either."

DivaJood said...

Okjimm, I am sure Beanie will love her job as Secretary of Strawberries, as long as she can play all the time.

Stella, mya cheezbuger? I love the link, that's lovely. Really, yes, national language indeed. And Randal is already the campaign manager, french food for everyone. You can be White House Staff, or you can be one of the Supremes, or make up a job.

FranIAm, who knew that my opponent, Dr. Zaius, would provide the best photo for the campaign? Really?

Agi, I wish it had been me who did it. But that is all Dr. Z.

Anita, Beanie tends to make a post every Friday. She is, after all, the true love of my life. I think it is best to skip the raising of kids and go straight to being grandparent, because it is all play and no work.

Dianne, Beanie says "word" back. She's busy at the beach.

Fran, you should get off the Supreme Court and be my full-time inventor of bureaus. I LOVE the FBR, that should have been invented before Bush ever took office.

Dcup, I need a ton of White House Staff. And everyone who works on my campaign will automatically convert to WHS - I will need a chief cook and bottle washer, I will need someone to do the dusting, and I will need someone to answer all incoming calls. An official Sudoku puzzle carrier. Someone in charge of polishing silver, blah blah blah.

Liberality said...

I think that is one hell of a rule that ought to be enforced post haste! Another requirement--the more money you or your family has the more tours of duty you will have. Since it's the wealthy who are making a bundle off the war they need to give more blood, more frequently.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Ha! Great little spokesperson you have there, gramma! I'll vote for ya, luv!

Two cookies on every American plate, please! And in the shape of a peace sign, k?

DivaJood said...

Lib, I agree completely. Whatever it was you just said. I'm blond, it's Sunday, I have to go take on the sun.

Pagan, Beanie thanks you. As long as the cookies are not soap.

Dr. Zaius said...

Well, we do agree on this particular political point. My administration promises that the Republican politicians that are put in the front lines in Iraq will given the same level of support that they gave to American's during Hurricane Kartina!

DivaJood said...

Dr. Z, I applaud your service to this nation. That's just a terrific plan and I pledge to do exactly that when I am elected. And will pat anyone on the back, saying "Heckuvajob" while the Neocons fall.

Dean Wormer said...


Sorry I'm late for the bandwagon. I'm on board with the dejajood express. Next stop... the white house.