Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Sounds -- mid-day update

I need some wide open spaces. Instead, I'm going to work.

Snippets from phone calls:

Diva Jood: Thank you for calling ..... Travel. This is Diva.

Caller: Hello? Hello? Are you a person?

Diva: Yes.

Caller: I thought you were a menu.


Diva Jood: Thank you for calling ..... Travel. This is Diva.

Caller: Is this .......... Cruises?

Diva: No, this is a travel agency.

Caller: My travel agent is closed today, I need you to answer questions so I can then book with my travel agent.

Diva: I'm a travel agent. Not the cruise line.

Caller: But my agent is closed today.


Diva Jood: Thank you for calling ..... Travel. This is Diva.

Caller: That is the rudest way anyone has ever answered the phone. I want to speak to the owner.

Diva: (raising eyebrows) Ma'am, the owner is not in today.

Caller: You are so rude, you have NO customer service skills. Just who are you? You should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you.

Diva: Thank you for your call.


Diva Jood: Thank you for calling ..... Travel. This is Diva.

Caller: Is this .......... Cruises?

Diva: No, this is .... Travel.

Caller: But I'm on their website.

Diva: Actually, you are on our website, it says "powered by ..... Travel."

Caller: But I put ...... Cruises in the Googles.

Diva: This is a travel agency.

Caller: I've already booked my cruise.

Diva: You need to speak to your agent, or to the cruise line.

Caller: But this IS the cruise line.

Diva: Sadly, no.


Diva Jood: Thank you for calling ..... Travel. This is Diva.

Caller: Oh, (giggles) I found you on the Internets.

Diva: How may I help you?

Caller: I want to go somewhere.

Diva: Where would you like to go?

Caller: On Vacation.

Diva: Where would you like to go on vacation?

Caller: Ummmm.

Diva: When would you like to travel?

Caller: I don't know. When's a good time to go somewhere?


The joys of working Saturday.


Randal Graves said...

Wow, first UC posted some LENINgrad stuff yesterday, and now you put up these liberal fascists.

I can't believe all the America bashing in the tubes.

I'd say enjoy work, but, well, you know. I'm there as well, so I feel your pain.

Dianne said...

today is the first Saturday I haven't worked in weeks. I'm celebrating by cleaning the house ;)

thanks for the music, it helped.

an average patriot said...

well good music and you can always dream and think about Beanie. Hope all is well!

Mathman6293 said...

I hated working weekend but they almost alway produce the best stories.

Vigilante said...

This is not the way I blog at work..... I turn the phone off and answer the voice mail every other hour.

Agi said...

Oy. No offense but...are all the callers that stupid? I've dealt with some sadly uninformed clients at my job, but your callers take the cake!

DivaJood said...


Je ne regrette rien said...

Diva dear, you posted on my shop blog about some earrings but you have no email contact! So how am I to help you? I'm too ascared to call you now so you best get on over and give me an email contact so I can answer your questions without getting yelled at! merci beaucoup!

Raven said...

Very entertaining. I came looking for your wordzzle and can't seem to find it. Glad you are interested in joining in. Enjoyed a chuckle in any case.

D.K. Raed said...

You are possibly the most polite phone person ever! Unless all those "++++++"s were the sound you hanging up on the idiots! waaaah, I wanna go somewhere, too ... I think I'll call a travel agent now & repeat your last phone call. "when is a good time to go somewhere?" I'm sure I would've told them, right now is a good time to go shove your head in the toilet. Then I would've "+++++"d up. If they called back, I'd have suddenly assumed a polite asian accent, and told them to "+++++"off.

DivaJood said...

I am unable to reply to each individual comment because today's phone calls sucked all sense of serenity and sanity from my pea-sized little brain. Remember, I am a natural blond.

The last straw today was the lady who wanted two cabins on the Disney Magic for Christmas. After 40 minutes on the phone with her, and Disney, when I went back to her to get deposit, she said "I have to pay?" and hung up.


FranIAm said...

Oh my - no replying to this comment. Just take a moment to simply be after all that fuckery. Those calls! I would have stopped answering the phone!!

Disney Magic? Do not even get me started...

That she hung up is really a fucking nightmare.

Mary Ellen said...


Geez, where do all those brain dead people get the money to go on vacations? I would never have the patience to deal with that...

susan said...

I tried to leave a comment last night but couldn't make the blogger ones work - probably personal brain glitch.

Anyway, I agree with ME and I can really understand why you need to find something else to keep you employed and occupied. The one thing that's a relief with my current job is no longer having to be at the mercy of phone calls from the general public. Thank goodness they don't give phones to smart people, eh?

Dusty said...

I really like that song by the Dixie Chicks...

and I usually hate country music.

Your calls..sweet jesus in a thong..I have no clue how you deal with the general public..seriously.

DivaJood said...

Love you all - how come YOU guys didn't call me at work yesterday? But I will not have to work on Saturday again - I give notice on August 11, he will walk me out the door, and I'm done.

Dusty said...

Do you have another job lined up Diva?

DivaJood said...

Dusty, yes I do. I may be blonde but I am not stoopid.

Dusty said...

Well, never in my wildest dreams have I evah considered you stoopid m'dear Diva! ;)

I put some additional graphics in your Postville Post Diva on Sirens. Hope you don't mind.

DivaJood said...

Dusty, thank you. Don't mind.

Blueberry said...

I don't know how you put up with all the the stupidity. I would be a nervous wreck or laughing hysterically (that stage follows nervous wreck).

Stella said...

I LOVE this divajood. People (Stella shakes her head). I worked at an electric company some 30 years ago. One of my co-workers got a call. She was extremely pleasant, but the person's lights had been shut off for non-payment.

My co-worker tried to help this belligerent pissant. Nothing she did worked. She just wanted her lights on. My co-worker said, "Ma'am, you need to pay your bill."

The idiot customer was so irate, she said, "I refuse to pay my bill and just to pay you assholes at the electric company back, I'm going to pull all the plugs from my electrical outlets and let the electricity run all over the floor."

Maybe you would have had to been there...

What blueberry said reminds me of what I say to my bus drivers all the time, "I don't know how you deal with all these idiot drivers." I consider most of them saints.

Yes, I have a car, but the bus route is great. Every time I board, I think "Less money in Bush's pocket."

...but I digress...