Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Wordzzl Challenge

This should be fun. Raven's Ten Word Challenge is a weekly challenge to test your creative writing chops. It's just a fun little exercise designed to make you be inventive.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge Is: follow-up, buffalo wings, silversmith, furniture, as the crow flies, little red roadster, photograph, pencil pusher, argument, streaking

And here is my entry:

"For the sake of argument, could we just assume that the furniture won't fit in the car?" Jerry kicked the side of his little red roadster and frowned. "Besides, I'm hungry and want some kick-ass buffalo wings."

Mary sighed. She held onto the photograph of the sofa. She thought to herself, "Why the fuck did I marry this pencil pusher?" She smiled sweetly and said, "Jerry, I thought you did the follow-up to find out the size of the sofa?"

He shook his head, still pouting. He was sweating, beads of perspiration streaking through his spray-on tan. Mary patted Jerry's arm. She walked over to the silversmith and said, "Where can we go for some really spicy wings?"

The man scratched his head, and then pointed south. "About 39 miles as the crow flies my sister's got a chicken shack. It'll take about an hour on these roads, though."

And for the Mini Challenge: Ireland, mashed potatoes, book worm, fog horn, T.S. Eliot

Martha sat in her overly bright kitchen, listening to the mournful fog horn and playing with her mashed potatoes. She hated T.S. Eliot a lot, quite frankly, and could not understand why he was such a hero in Ireland, or anywhere else, for that matter. But Martha was as far from a book worm as you could be - her favorite book was the Yellow Pages.


Dianne said...

great stories jood! so glad you joined in :)

I can see the expression on Mary's face lol

Randal Graves said...

Wait, this sounds like brainwork. On a Saturday? Madness!

DivaJood said...

Dianne, it's really quite fun. I will play again next week, I like those words even better.

Randal, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye, really.

Raven said...

Welcome to wordzzles. Great start! I enjoyed both of these. "Just for the sake of argument..." Wish I'd used that. Glad you joined in.

Randal Graves said...

Good point.

Come on, no one laughed?

Richard said...

Very nice, I especially liked the yellow pages line. Welcome.


okjimm said...

Ok. I'll give it a shot. Later. It is too nice to be inside. Time to bike to the river.... I have a low-speed communication device that I use down there.......pen &paper.

Jeff B said...

Oh man, the Yellow Pages? I love that book, so mesmerizing!


Welcome to Wordzzles. I enjoyed both your stories.

okjimm said...

Where was that goddam Fenster? Daman pencil pusher! He was late for our follow-up meeting. It was only a mile as the crow flies. He should have been here by now. I hope our arguement about payment hadn't put him off. I had the photograph of his wife and her new 'friend', their clothes strewn all over the furniture, the braclet he had bought so recently from the silversmith so prominent laying on the lacy red bra. So the bookworm had been right. His wife was riding someone else's little red roadster. But I didn't really care. Not a lick. Not for all the mashed potatoes in Ireland.
The foghorn sounded off in the harbor. I told myself I would have one more buffalo wing and if I did not see him come streaking down the road, I was gone.

A smile came to my face as I remembered watching the two of them entwined like snakes on the floor of the bungalow while I snapped the pictures. I took more than I needed....but gees, they way they were going at it, it was like poetry. TS Eliot sex. I needed to call Angie later. Maybe write a poem with her.

Jay said...

Great job on your first Wordzzles! You're a natural. Both were very clever!

susan said...

Rita looked around her dreary office already tired of the life of a pencil pusher. She'd only had the job for half an hour but knew it wasn't the career for her. The furniture leaked stuffing, a faded photograph of the deceased founder leered from the wall over her desk and already she'd had an argument with the cranky coworker across the aisle. With the smell of rancid buffalo wings pervading the cramped space how could she even begin to make follow-up calls to clients who'd missed their payments? Did she even care?

A sound from outside drew her attention to the grimy window and as she looked outside a little red roadster went streaking by. It was only ten feet as the crow flies from her desk to the door but since she wasn't a crow she walked the extra twenty feet around the surplus desks and blew a raspberry on her way out. She didn't know how she'd support herself but anything would be better than working in accounts payable for a stingy silversmith.

DivaJood said...

Dearest campaign staff, you are supposed to play on your own blog, but you did well anyway. Hugs, the Diva.

Ricard, Jeff, Raven, Dianne, Jay, thank you. You are all quite good. It's scary to do.

Dianne said...

Jood if I may address your staff for just a moment


you both wrote great Wordzzles! next week do a post and sign in at Raven's. We are a merry little band and can always use more merriment.

Thank you Jood - I'll leave now.

Raven said...

diva jood - your campaign staff are natural born wordzzlers. Hope you all continue to join in.

susan & okjimm - well done. I hope you'll join in and add your names to Mr. Linky next week.

Fran said...

Whew! You people MUST be drinking good coffee, because if it were me, I'd stick mashed potatoes in the fog horn to make it shut up.
My mind has turned to mush after working 16 hours for *the man*, By now, my brains are so toasted, the silversmith is streaking, as the crow flies with buffalo wings. I won't give you an argument if you think my writing skills need follow-up. So there, pencil pushing book worms! If you don't like my style, go photograph some little red roadster furniture in Ireland.

I combined the two & left out T. S. Eliot.
And I posted it on YOUR blog.

Snarky mood I'm in Eh?

Yet had fun with the words. ; >

DivaJood said...

Fran, you did it at work? I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I sorry I missed this one DJ. Can you ever forgive and is it too late to try? :^(

DivaJood said...

Spart, Raven has the challenge up every saturday. If you go to her blog, the words for this coming saturday are posted. Yes do play.

Ingrid said...

Bravooo!!(insert applause)...and you need a speechwriter because?? (oh yea, I volunteered..[g])