Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can't be in Postville, but I can still help.

Border Explorer has been covering the largest ICE Raid in US History, the May 12 raid that apprehended 400 meat-packers in Postville, IA. The resulting raid has been a horrific bastardization of our rights, where Habeus Corpus has been turned on its ear. Border Explorer's coverage of this situation has been incredible, and you should all go read it.

Today, she writes:
The Postville Community Response Committee is asking those who are concerned about the situation to send a $20 donation. This will allow the Food Pantry to purchase approximately the following items for a family of four: rice, beans, a can each of fruit and vegetables, a box of cereal, eggs, and a $5 coupon for milk.

Please send your donation to the Postville Food Pantry c/o Pastor Steve Brackett, St Paul Lutheran Church, 116 Military, Postville IA 52162
My check is in the mail, and since I can't be in Postville, I can still help - this is how.


Mariamariacuchita said...

I have received a long letter from one of the federal interpreters involved in this abuse. Her story is shaming and heartbreaking to all in this country and to Congress in particular in that they have done nothing to stop the methods used in these round-ups, which are being used as a blueprint for future raids at other facilities. I am posting it at my site, if interested.

DivaJood said...

maria, you should also alert Border Explorer. She's been diligent about this obscenity of human rights violations.

Border Explorer said...

Diva, I stopped by to say "thank you" for your generous response. As you face uncertain times, your response is all the more generous. Thanks for your very kind words and link, too.

Maria/Maria, I'll be over. (I've been enjoying your site recently as a lurker.)

Randal Graves said...

I wish people would realize that we're all connected economically whether we like it or not and that if we were in the shoes of these people, we'd be doing the same goddamn thing to make a buck to get by.

DivaJood said...

Border Explorer, you are an absolute godsend. You have such focus, I bow down in awe.

Randal, we're connected economically for sure, but it's more than that. This Postville Iowa fiasco is a travesty of justice.

Mary Ellen said...

diva- I agree, it's a travesty a of the many in this country, lately.

Thanks for the info and the link to Border Explorer!

an average patriot said...

Thanks for the info! I have been wondering what happened to those people. It seems to me that the place to stop illegal immigration is at the border. If you want to come in my house don't sneak in use the door. Once they are in like that it seems we should have a system set up to register them as well as the employee.
There should be something set up instead of staying illegal a temporary card or something.
Having had no insurance in the past and not being able to get care for the birth of one of my sons I do have a problem with the fact that many citizens can not get care but by law it has to be given to illegal immigrants. i don't know!

FranIAm said...

This is a great post- and you know I support this cause too.

Border Explorer is doing great work.

Good on her!

susan said...

I just read that an ICE raid was done at the Providence RI Courthouse early yesterday where they caught 32 cleaning staff in their sweep. Their excuse was the possibility of a security breach. Emptying wastebaskets?

I've noted the address.

DivaJood said...

Mary Ellen, what kind of post 9/11 mentality would round up 400 meat packers and accuse them of identity theft? Sick.

Jim, I have to go back to the simple truth that we give the illusion of having an open door policy when the reality is something else. We need health care for everyone - including immigrants, documented or otherwise - and we're the only Western nation without.

FranIAm, Border Explorer is absolutely tireless, and I am in awe of her.

Susan, of course emptying wastebaskets would be a security breach. I mean, someone's chewing gum wrapper might be in there.

Dusty said...

Friggin pigshit bastards. ICE is the gestapo of the modern era. Fuck I hate them with a passion usually reserved for child rapists and animal abusers.

Thanks for the link to Postville chica. Good stuff over there.

DivaJood said...

Dusty, Border Explorer has been an incredible force about this issue. She should be a guest author over at Sirens. I'm serious.