Friday, December 29, 2006

Canadian Ice Shelf disintegrates

The entire 25.5-square-mile (66-square-kilometer) Ayles Ice Shelf broke free from the northern coast of Ellesmere Island on August 13, 2005, but scientists have held back until now to make an announcement. Over the last 100 years, Canadian ice shelfs have shrunk by 90%; this particular shelf was between 3000 to 4500 years old.

Let's put this into perspective: it takes about 200 feet of snow to form into one inche of glacial ice. This happens over time, as it compresses under extreme cold. Polar Bears are now on the Endangered Species List, as the Arctic's summer sea ice disappears. Projections now are that it will be gone completely by 2040.

Oh, but wait. Global warming? The Neocons say it's just a theory.


pekka said...

The polarbears don't care whether curbing down the "collateral production haze" we pump into our atmosphere is "bad for the business" or not. Those selfish animals have this ridiculous urge to live. Who needs them anyways? Besides, the captains of the industry are propably hard at work creating our own selfcontained bubbles to live in. I bet, they will offer very attractive finance packages for those who qualify.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

I am heartsick over this polar bear issue. Something has to be done; but what can anyone do with an administration who insists that guides for the Grand Canyon conform to right-wing religious doctrine? Only the Vatican has put more time and effort into turning the clock back 1000 years.

DivaJood said...

Actually, Pekka, I'm quite convinced that the reason they don't care about what's happening on earth is because they intend to build condos on Mars and the Moon.

TFLS, you've got to be kidding me about that rule for guides. I had no idea that was a requirement. Oh, my god. What fuckwads.

Helen Wheels said...

That's f'ing scary doll. I am just horrified by this story!