Monday, December 04, 2006

Heifer International

I've decided to do a mass effort with Heifer International, since David Patterson was kind enough to visit my blog. So I've set up my own fundraising goal, and you can help by either clicking on the badge on the right side of my blog, or by going to here and making a donation.

Heifer has been helping poor families around the world become self-reliant by providing animals and the training to care for them. Each recipient family promises to pass along offspring from their animal to another family in need.

Heifer's simple but effective solution has helped more than seven million families -- 38 million people -- in more than 125 countries including the US, where more than 10 million people are chronically hungry.

There is no reason, in this day and age, that world hunger continues to exist. There is no reason, in this day and age, that people should be homeless. There is no reason, in this day and age, that people should be denied affordable health care. Here is one way to put a dent in the problems: please join me with a donation to Heifer International. Your donation can be as small as $20 for a flock of ducks, to as much as you can imagine. But $30 buys a hive of honeybees, which can create income for a family with honey production. $250 buys a water buffalo, which can help a family four ways: can help families in at least four ways. Water buffalos are draft animals. Their hair is woven into clothing and blankets. Their manure is good fertilizer. And their milk is rich and delicious.

Click the link, help, and I love you all for it! And I have a beautiful set of Prayer Flags from Bhutan for the highest donation!


MrsGreenThumb said...

Dear Jood, how unusual that you would be promoting this project. A fellow I used to buy plants from in the Chicago area is involved with Heifer International.
Here's a link to his website.

I think it is a very worthy cause and will make a donation this month. I used to donate to Unicef's Seeds for Self Help which is now discontinued. Those are the best kinds of programs which promote financial independence and combat hunger.

3 cheers to you and all who partipate.

DivaJood said...

Mrs. Greenthumb, thanks for the link to Rich's Fox Willow Pines - I know right where he's located! Near my brother, actually! At any rate, his project is terrific, and that's good information.

enigma4ever said...

Thanks Diva for all of the information about this- what a great idea....and a great thing to give to...I am still working on my budget- but I am definetly keeping it in mind...

pissed off patricia said...

I'm pretty sure I get mail about once a year from this organization. It really is a different and postitive approach.

Tina said...

Actually, this great idea is identical to the heavily-Catholic supported charity Mercy Corps, which allows one to donate money to buy bee hives, camels, goats, pigs, women's small business kits, Katrina kits, etc. Shockingly enough, Mercy Corps' motto is this: "Be the change" taken directly from Gandhi's quote of "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
... it is organizations like this that still give me hope (as a Catholic) that all things-Catholic have not become completely wingnutty.

DivaJood said...

E4E, Heifer and similar organizations are about the idea of doing well by doing good.

POP, I'd never heard of them til last year, when a group of friends and I pitched in and bought a flock of chicks and a pig. We did it instead of exchanging gifts none of us wanted or needed. This year, we'll do Habitat for Humanity, so I thought I'd post the Heifer thing, and put a link on my sidebar.

Tina, not all Catholics, and not all Christians of any stripe, are all wingnutty. Some people managed to keep their brains during the last six years of invasion of the body snatchers.

arse poetica said...

Diva J, I love Heifer Int'l and give this as my gift to (certain) friends during the holidays. We have so much, a ridiculous abundance, and who needs another bauble when there are goats to be given away! Thanks for promoting HI; we all need to trumpet them.

DivaJood said...

AE, thanks! It's amazing to me how much abundance we have here in the states, and I love organizations like Heifer.