Saturday, December 02, 2006

Good Planets are hard to find

Back in August, Robin and Roger of Dharma Bums started this wonderful weekend photo gallery of our precious planet, as captured by various bloggers around the globe. In November, Pam of Tortise Trail took up the hosting gig for a month, and took it a step further by setting up this site on flickr.

This month, it's my turn, and I have decided to lead with Pam's photo. Blogger limits the number of photos I can post at a time, so I will do this gallery in multiple posts today, forgive me.

This delicate damsel fly captured my imagination, and plus it is a nice hat tip to Pam for the flickr site.

Next, Rowan of Circle of the Year sent this magnificent image from South Africa:

Robin (Dharma Bums) captured this image of quail perched on a railing:

Yankee Transplant sent this image of Autumn in Northhampton, MA:

Mariamaria of mariamariacuchita sent this amazing sky photo:


C. Corax said...

Ah, I see Yankee Transplant has been in my neck of the woods!

Thanks for taking this on, divajood. And as always, everyone's photos are amazing!

TDharma said...

Great photos! We're off to cut a tree down for the season, so I'll take my camera up into the Santa Cruz mts. and see what I can get for next week's Good Planets.

Thanks for hosting!

DivaJood said...

Thanks all!