Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ya think?

Major William Voorheis, training Iraqui Security Forces, said "I have come to the conclusion that this is no longer America’s war in Iraq, but the Iraqi civil war where America is fighting."

Tell me, what was his first clue?

Meanwhile, Bush is having a meeting with his puppet-masters to craft another "new" Iraq policy without admiting that the present one still isn't working. Dick Cheney understands that the American people are, rightfully, very concerned about what is going on in Iraq — as is the president," deputy White House press secretary Scott Stanzel said Wednesday, stressing that Bush is taking time to weigh all options before making a decision. However, Cheney has been advised that shooting American citizens who oppose the war is probably not such a good idea.

John Podesta thinks that the American public has become skeptical that Bush even has a plan. Ya think? It's almost like the secret plan Nixon had in his jacket pocket to end the war in Viet Nam - oops, sent that jacket to the cleaners.

On a personal note, I have the results of my CT scan and blood test but I'm too pissed off to talk about it. I think Beanie will have to post about it tomorrow.


Frederick said...

Cheney doesn't know dick.

BTW:What's going on with you? CT Scan?

Anonymous said...

Cheney has been advised that shooting American citizens who oppose the war is probably not such a good idea.

Well...unless they're wealthy Texas lawyers that is.

Anonymous said...

Here's the trick, they're trying to figure out how to make losing look like winning. It's the perennial Republican folly. It doesn't matter how many lives are lost, as long as Bush saves face.

I hope that being pissed off about blood tests and CT scan means no bad news. Doctors are very disappointing most of the time, they seem to know so very little about the human body.

pissed off patricia said...

They are calling the big meeting today a non decisional meeting. WTF? When is the decisional meeting going to take place? Guess Mr Decider wants us to think he is "working hard" to make the decision we all already know he's going to make.

Petey Pace, who I consider to be Rummy's closest ass kisser has thrown his hat into the "surge" ring.

I have a feeling if they hang saddam all hell is going to break out no matter how many troops we have there.

Like the others have said, hope your med news is good. Seems if it wasn't you would be bummed instead of writing this excellent post. :) I sure do hope I'm right. Beanie, chime in and give us a clue.

karena said...

I have to give kudos for Maj. Vhoorheis, breaking the company line and saying what the White House denies takes a brave, brave soldier indeed.

Yes, Bush is not making a decision, but I have a sneaky suspicion.

A 82nd Airborne brigade was just dispatched to Kuwait to arrive after the new year.

Bush can send one brigade over after another and not admit he is doing a surge. I just have a feeling he is going to dupe the public again and get what he wants.

pekka said...

Not that Maj.Vhoorheis' musings were a "lighting from the clear sky" but, nevertheless, they were once againg reenforcing our suspicions about how insane the situation really is for the Americans.

My almost singular puzzle is; what does it take and what would be too much of insanity for the legistlators to really start putting stop to this meathead and his hallucinations aka his foreign policies? While they seem to be in a strange, collective coma, American soldiers keep on dying for...for...don't ask me!

DivaJood said...

The thing is this: Major Vhoorheis might be stating the obvious, but Shrub and his "nondecisional" meetings, his deliberate obfuscation, his callous and calculated arrogance, Shrub just doesn't give a damn and will continue to send American military to die just so he and his buddies can control oil.

Meanwhile, he ignores global warming, mouths Christian platitudes and espouses hatred. I have no idea what it will take for the Democratic Congress to even consider Censure, let alone Impeachment.