Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

I love my mommy. She likes to imitate Gramma Ah Em when she laughs because Gramma doesn't make a sound when she laughs like she forgets to breathe, and she laughs a lot so it gets very funny to watch and mommy imitates it so Gramma laughs harder then everybody laughs because it looks funny.

Gramma Ah Em told me she needs people to send more pictures for the Saturday Good Planets gallery. What's a gallery? That's a big word. I have to ask Ah Em, not gramma but the other Ah Em, the one from Sesame Street who is red and fuzzy.

I have to play now. Gramma told me to say I love you to everybody who reads her blog, so okay. I love you. I'm gonna play stack blocks now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Beanie-- tell your gramma I'm getting a pic to her right away. I'm glad to see your beautiful face this morning, and your mom's too. Hope you have a happy new year, and I'm loving you right back!

DivaJood said...

Bean says thanks. My daughter sent new photos today, after this got posted.

Peacechick Mary said...

Ahhh, we love her too. It's always funny when kids have their photo taken and they look kinda like, "Again? Are you flashing that thing again?"

pekka said...

First, something for you Beanie; nerdernerdernedred! Not a word to somebody elese, OK!

Believe me or not, my boss aka my wife also has this unbelievable "skill" for totally silent laughs. Before I knew her, I never even heard of such a weird but funny trait. What I do, when she starts it, is to mimick her and that triggers her to fall on her back on the couch and tears start rolling down on her cheecks. And not a bloody sound to be heard during all this.

My secret dream is to have likes of my wife filling the studio when taping one of those sitcoms.