Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good Planets, Dec. 23

Marc lives in Australia, on the Island of Tasmania. He got this sunset from his home in South Arm.

From Tree comes this gorgeous butterfly:

And also, from Tree, this lovely orchid:

Pam, of Tortise Trail sent this image of Mt. Robson, which is the highest point in BC:

Comandante Agi sent this image of the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina, taken from a plane as they were coming in for a landing:

In September, I was in Australia again, and took this of the Great Ocean Road - The Twelve Apostles. There is no image that can really capture the wildness of this coast, nor the power of the Southern Ocean, but there are only about nine of these structures left as wind and water erode the fragile limestone:

Robin Andrea sent this image of hungry birds. She says "I don't know if it captures the number of birds that were perched on the winter-dead stems of last summer's flowers. I was surprised to see all of them. I think there may still be a few seeds left, and
these birds seemed quite content to look for them."

Mary, from Get Your Own sent these Buffalo and a Prairie Dog in Oklahoma. Okay, I'm not a rancher, so I get to think those Prairie Dogs are adorable.

SB Gypsy sent this of a Japanese Garden

and this of the Mill Pond in Sturbridge Village, Massachussetts, from the Western Shore:

Frederick sent this image of one of the many grottos along the coastline of the Island of Capri:

Next week, I host the last Good Planets of the year, so please send photos to me at jkblue AT cox DOT net.

In January, Laura of Somewhere in NJ will be hosting for the month of January. Her email is lc-hardy at comcast dot net.


Frederick said...

We are supposed to finaly get some snow Monday night, so maybe I'll have a good Winter scence for you next week! Great Pics!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Beautiful sights, gathered from around the world. Thank you.

Pam in Tucson said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays - bloggers united in presenting us with such beautiful views of our planet. Lovely post, as usual, DivaJood. Thank you!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I love all of these pictures. I feel like I just took a trip around the world. Thank you!

Peacechick Mary said...

Thanks for the little journey around the planet. The isle of Capri makes me want to dive in and explore.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great and the one of Sturbridge Village brought back a flood of memories and underneath the photo is my father's name, Frederick! It feels like a Christmas gift!

Sigrid Jardin said...

Wonderful photos, as usual!
Let me take the opportunity to wish you a fabulous holiday, and a delicious new year ahead! It is a great pleasure to be one of your regular readers!

C. Corax said...

There's nno a photo in this group where I didn't wish I was standing beside the photographer as the photo was taken. A lovely global trip indeed. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

absolutely lovely!!!! thanks for that. happy chanukah and happy holidays!!!!

pekka said...

Happy Chanukah from me to you and to yours! Kiss those delicious cheeks of Beanie for me if you have a chance!

Mary said...

I'll take the grottos of Capri thank you!
Enjoy the holidays!

LauraHinNJ said...

Gorgeous photos - thanks for sharing them!

DivaJood said...

Frederick, I've been wondering where the snow photos are! I look forward to ending the year with a photo of snow. Thanks!

Robin Andrea, thanks for getting this gallery started, and I look forward to hosting again another month in 2007. It is an honor!

Pam, the next time you host, I will not be traveling - and will send you photos. I was gone all of November, and you got some great images!

Pursey, you and your pal Lola tend to travel on the "cheap" - what can I say? You're welcome.

PC Mary, I'm a travel professional. Happy to send ya there!

Tree, that's neat! Happy Christmas. I hope they were good memories.

Sigrid Jardin, thank you. BTW, you are an amazing photographer, you need to send me photos for next weekend to end the year!

C. Corax, thanks for visiting. Doesn't it make you feel like you're right there?

Betmo, thank you!

Pekka, I won't actually see Beanie until March, because I live in Los Angeles, and Chicago is just too cold. But I will tell her hello from you. She will say "nerdernerdernerder doggie Ah Em" which means "Tell Pekka Hi, Gramma".

Mary, thank you! And as I said to Peace Chick, happy to get you to Capri.

Laura, thanks for visiting. This is a regular weekend gallery, open to one and all!